Irish Fire Heart
Rest In Peace Keegan and Maria Malarnis

This is Malasia writing this.

This is hte final post on this account, I’ll leave it open for historic purposes but it will never be used again past this.

Keegan died trying to save me from my mother, and his own mother died in the final confrontation to seal away my mother.

They were two of the best people I’ve ever met, and their deaths will forever be heavy on my heart.

They were loved when they were alive, and will be loved still, and missed. 

Thank you both so much for everything you’ve ever done for me, and I’m so sorry. So sorry. 

It begins

(Keegan’s Mom) : Zapherial, I am calling out to you. Let’s end this, now. This little game of yours has gone on far too long. 

I know you know how to sense me and come to me, and I know you don’t turn down a fight, so, let’s go.

Everyone else, you know what to do.

OOC: The Plan

((Keep in mind what I’m about to write is something that only those who showed up to meet with Keegan’s Mom and Malasia would actually know. if you haven’t replied already saying you were going to be there, go ahead and assume that you showed up, the more that come the better. If you are reading this later after everything has gone down, go ahead and say your char was a part of it if you were wanting them to be. 

Anyway, Keegan’s mothers’ plan has to deal with splitting up everyone, depending on how many actually show up they’d all be on their own, or with one or two others, moving into positions around a pre-determined location that Keegan’s mother will be drawing Zapherial to. They will all be holding magical objects that Laika helped to make. 

Everyone will be told to chant certain words that Keegan’s mother has written down for them and helps them pronounce if they  need it, they are told to continue chanting it until everything was said and done.

Mal shall be at the center of it all with Keegan’s mother, reciting her own portion of ritual words. She’s very important in that if it were anyone else saying these words the ritual would fail. (it’s the fact shes’ blood to Zapherial that makes it capable to be done)

Anyway, Keegan’s mom is going to keep Zapherial busy while the ritual goes through, and when Mal finishes her somewhat lengthy recital Zaph’s soul si going to be split into multiple parts and sealed into the objects everyone is carrying, fully sealing her away. The only way she’ll escape is if all the objects are broken and she’s released.

Past that, you’ll just have to wait until after everything is said and done for what happens next, as well as anything in particular that happened during.))



of-horns-and-hooves replied to your post: To Everyone Wishing to Defeat Zapherial:

i want to be envolved in this, i dont like having everyone hurt like this and will do all i can to help beat the bitch, ((ooc:but unfortunatly im to have to go offline for a few hours:( ))

thats fine by me miss, i just want her defeated and gone, and dead mals my friend, ill do all i can to help out and anything you want me too do its done.

(Keegan’s Mom) : Thank you. Mal should have texted you an address to meet at. Come here and once everyone has arrived I’ll tell everyone the plans.

of-horns-and-hooves replied to your post: To Everyone Wishing to Defeat Zapherial:

i want to be envolved in this, i dont like having everyone hurt like this and will do all i can to help beat the bitch, ((ooc:but unfortunatly im to have to go offline for a few hours:( ))

(Keegan’s Mom) : The only person who will be fighting Zapherial during this final confrontation is me. Everyone else will be playing a different role that doesn’t involve fighting. I would love to have your help with that, so please, do come, you will be relatively out of harm’s way.

alexanderbuscu replied to your post: To Everyone Wishing to Defeat Zapherial:

I sorely wish I could be there…. but I already lost part of me…. even if I would do so in an instant, I don’t think my Father would allow me to give up the rest.

(Malasia) : Alex, you’ve done enough, please rest. I already feel so much pain in my heart knowing you got hurt so bad fighting my battle. So stay where you are and heal, there are plenty of others who can help end this. thank you for everything you’ve done so far *hugs*

To Everyone Wishing to Defeat Zapherial:

(Keegan’s Mom and Malasia) : The time has come for Zapherial to be finally put away.

Everyone that wants to help in this, please meet me at a location that Malasia will text you momentarily. Just reply or reblog this and let us know that you are coming. I will explain everything then. (I being Keegan’s Mother)

((For those who I know want to be involved but may not be online right now, I’ll go ahead and assume that your char did show up.))


So my daughter chose the side against me

No matter, I will still find a way to have fun

Balatornei your name shall never be

but I shall never call you by your current name.

If you are not beside me

You are against me

so now I come for you with new intention.

This is Malasia, I’m borrowing this account since my mom obviously has mine hijacked rigth now.

In response to this I will respond in a way you will understand.

As I shall never be Balatornei as you say

You shall never be my mother

The day you rule comes to end end

Run scurrying with your tail between your legs

Should you wish to fight against me

And those who stand at my side

I will defeat you

I finally know my purpose

and that is to end yours.

and that is all I have to say, Zapherial, you will be defeated this time. I will no longer be used as your puppet to hurt others. So come if you must, but just know that I have heard with keegan’s mother plans, and I feel assured that it will be what will rid my life of you.



Call Dad Oniichan!!! I can’t manage this girl, he is way better than I am with Shinto exorcisms than me!! Hurry!!!!

Silly little lamb

Try and exorcise all you like

I’m afraid it will be fruitless

As my daughter is most definitely not possessed.

(Keegan’s Mom) : It is unfortunately true, there is no possession going on. Malasia is fighting with her old evil self from when she was with her mom before I found them. 

My best suggestions to ALL of you is to try and call out to Malasia, say and do things that oyu think will remind her of who she is now. Those she loves the most will have the most sway on her. I can’t really say who those people would be as I haven’t really paid attention to her life since Keegan and she broke up, but yes, if you are someone that she truly cared for, specially in any loving way, you are her best chance at freeing herself from her past self.





The race begins

Who will find her first?

If it is me to find her

Then her fate will surely be sealed.

It WILL be us.

I’ll be looking for her and probably wont be on tumblr for the rest of the day

(Keegan’s Mom) : Rose, I will be…

If you do not mind,

I will be there. 

(Keegan’s Mom) : The more people there to help, the more successful it’ll be.